Podcast: Property Investory with Rent360 Founders

Co-founders Jared Keen and Penelope Valentine of Rent360 – a startup providing investors with a better management system for their properties – will uncover how their backgrounds led to an ideal partnership, how a suspicious smell turned into the world’s craziest inspection and why you shouldn’t wait for the property bubble to burst.



Discover the scope of their roles from licking envelopes to speaking to Fortune 100 CEOs, the pain points which prompted the formation of Rent360 and how you can create a better work/life balance through the right property manager.


The old adage of buying the worst house on the best street holds true, making sure that you understand what’s coming in that area.


In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

          • 01:35

            A brief introduction to Jared Keen’s successful business career that led to the establishment of Rent360.

          • 04:18

            Penelope gives a short recount of her career and her on-going passion for property investment.

          • 05:36

            How Jared realised that Penelope was the perfect match for Rent360.

          • 08:51

            Jared explains why such an ‘exhilarating, rewarding and frustrating’ business is so rewarding.

          • 11:40

            Jared and Penelope recall how their experiences grew their passion into property investment.

          • 14:41

            How Penelope coped with such a chaotic property management career before partnering with Jared.

          • 20:05

            Penelope and Jared showcase the importance of inspecting a property by sharing their personal terrible situations.

          • 27:05

            Penelope explains the right and wrong ways to invest into property while Jared shares his three tips to property investing.

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