How it works

1. Apply for free

Apply here to establish and/or accelerate your own property management business on Rent360. We are home to the very best property managers in the country! You must have a current real estate license (or willing to get one) and 5+ years experience.

Please allow up to 72 hours for us to review your application.

2. Setup your business and create your Rent360 profile and microsite

This is your opportunity to showcase your previous experience, expertise, training, awards and which local areas you are able to service. We also have a wealth of resources to help you setup your business, craft your profile (incl. a personalised microsite) and set your personalised fee structure.

Our team will help you set yourself up and train you on the platform.

3. Receive property investor leads to qualify and then engage

New prospective managements come through frequently in the areas you service. You will be notified immediately if you have been selected for an interview. You have the choice on whether to accept or reject the lead.

You are also free to manage any existing or referred clients on the Rent360 platform. 

4. Agree on key terms and sign the management agreement

Agree and formalise the key terms of your management with the client and sign the management agreement electronically on the Rent360 platform.

Grow your own rent roll!

5. Advertise, lease and manage your client’s property and get paid

Properties requiring a new letting will use the Rent360 listing and advertising platform which facilitates ad creation to the signing of the tenancy agreement. If you choose to utilise the Rent360 property management platform you will setup your new client and their property on PropertyMe and collect your leasing, advertising, management and other fees directly from the rent paid into your trust account (as usual).

Rent360 offers property investors a whole suite of optional extras incl. listing upgrades, photography, landlord insurance and more. If your client purchases any of these from us you will be paid a generous commission.

What we're often asked by Property Managers

What does Rent360 do?

Put simply, Rent 360 connects investors directly to licensed, experienced property managers to look after their property. We provide the property manager with all the tools, software and support they need to successfully and expertly manage your property.

Who is behind Rent360?

We are a team of real estate and technology professionals who knew there had to be a better way to manage properties. We are all avid property investors ourselves and saw a gap in the market to not only help exceptional property managers to start their own business but offer investors the opportunity to connect directly with these super stars and build long term relationships with them.

Why do property investors use Rent360?

Investors are savvy and buy property to grow wealth. They hire a property manager because they want an expert to manage their property and grow their investment. The fact that they can partner with the owner of the business and at a transparent, all inclusive fee is very appealing. With Rent360 they also get an easy online experience which is less hassle for them. They can view information about their property 24/7 and can set up simple communication parameters so it’s seamless for both you and the investor to communicate and work together irrespective of whether they are in the neighbouring suburb or on the other side of the world.

Who owns the Rent Roll?

You own the rent roll, 100%.

Why would I charge a lower fee, won’t it diminish the value of my rent roll?

No, it won’t diminish your rent roll as the business leads you receive from Rent360 are incremental, or, business you wouldn’t have if you weren’t part of the platform. Also, the fee is still based on a % of rental income so you benefit from the upside of increased rental values achieved. 

You are able to charge the lower fee as we offer aggregated pricing on costs which means that you don’t have all the typical costs a traditional agency would have. We believe these savings can be, in part, passed onto the investor and that’s part of the reason Rent360 is so successful. We are thinking of the value to the investor and the property manager. It’s a win win!

How do I sign up as a Rent360 property manager?

Simply click here, fill out the online form then one of our Rent360 account managers will contact you.

Welcome to a better lifestyle, building a great business and owning your own rent roll.

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