Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rent360 do?

Put simply, Rent 360 connects investors directly to licensed, experienced property managers to look after their property. We provide the property manager with all the tools, software and support they need to successfully and expertly manage your property.

Who is behind Rent360?

We are a team of real estate and technology professionals who knew there had to be a better way to manage properties. We are all avid property investors ourselves and saw a gap in the market to not only help exceptional property managers to start their own business but offer investors the opportunity to connect directly with these super stars and build long term relationships with them.

How does Rent360 ensure the quality of their Property Managers?

We only allow property managers who have at least 5 years experience to join us. We vet all our candidates as you normally would before you choose to work with someone. Ensuring our investors receive a great experience that is easy and adds value to their life isn’t just a dream it’s a commitment.

Why is Rent360 less expensive than traditional agencies?

The reason our Property Managers can offer lower fees is that we have taken out the middle man, the traditional real estate agency. Also, our Property Managers pay significantly less to run a business. They have minimal overheads and they pass those savings onto you, the savvy investor!

How are the fees structured and when do I pay?

The fees are fully transparent and upfront when you first go online  and enter in some details about your investment property. You pay your fees at the end of each month from your properties account as you normally would. You also have the option to upgrade your advertising and take advantage of our discounted partner products like tax depreciation and landlord insurance. We have negotiated hard to ensure we partner with the best organisations for the lowest possible price.

You only pay the following 3 fees, there is nothing hidden and no extras, it’s true!

  1. An all inclusive management fee based on effort (no more of that 7.7% of rental income incl. GST)
  2. A letting fee when you re-lease the property to find a new tenant (1 weeks rent + gst)
  3. An advertising fee which includes premium listings on &
So what am I missing out on due to Rent360’s low fees?


Having your property managed properly does not need to be expensive. Rent360 property managers are committed to providing excellent property management and believe that this can be done at an affordable price.

Your property manager will always ensure the highest possible rent, reviewed annually. Control arrears, make payments of bills, rates and body corporate levies, conduct thorough routine, entry and exit inspections, promptly attend to repairs and maintenance and vet tenants thoroughly.

How difficult is it to switch from my current property manager?

Changing from your current property manager is very simple. In fact your Rent360 property manager will handle the entire process for you.

What should I ask the Property Manager during the interview?

To select the best Rent360 property manager to suit your specific requirements, it pays to ask some key questions. Much like a job interview, your task is to find the right person for the job.

  1. How many properties do you currently look after?
  2. How do you determine what my rental property is worth in terms of rental return?
  3. How would you market my rental property?
  4. How often will you be able to show my property to prospective tenants?
  5. How do you screen and evaluate prospective tenants?
  6. How often do you inspect the rental property once tenanted?
  7. What process do you follow if a tenant falls into arrears?
  8. What if a tenant breaks a lease early and my rental property becomes vacant?
  9. What is your process for handling necessary repairs and maintenance?
  10. How often will you communicate with me and how will this be done?
How do I get started?

Just click the FIND A PROPERTY MANAGER button (top right corner), answer some questions about your investment property, get matched with at least 3 property managers, interview them and leave the rest to us!

Find the property manager your investment property deserves

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